a lipede

igi iroko [i.e, iroko tree; yorubà].

client side developer and designer (front-end developer), navigation concept and architecture, graphic concept and interface, content development, technical specification through to implementation, vector shape templates, web animation and ad banners, for Netscape, Apple® Safari, Microsoft® Internet Explore, Opera, Avant, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – internet browsing experience. a good understanding of W3C standards, browser compatibility, usability and accessibility issues.

specialties: development of presentation mark-up languages such as HTML, HTML5, resposive HTML, XHTML, XML, PHP and jQuery. development of design templates for websites, iPhone & handheld devices. PhotoShop, Illustrator & Vector graphics. development of CSS3. preparation of graphics for internet use. JPG, GIF, PNG and SVG. GIF, Flash and SVG animation. working knowledge of YUI and jQuery libraries, Umbraco, Drupal, XSLT/XML and Flash ActionScript. interpreting website Wireframe into HTML.

JQuery Mobile and responsive HTML5 design and development for iOS and Android mobile/handheld devices.

Adobe® Creative Cloud, ZBrush and Cubase Pro 8 enthusiast.

songwriter & producer [Afunja Music Publishing].
member of ASCAP [The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers] and TuneCore.

afolabi lipede.

frontend web developer & UI designer.

igi iroko multimedia