user interface design

Windows and Mac iOS.

providing a combined service of the user interface development and design, in producing and developing screen designs for web applications, either by re-purposing an existing offline or online brand or in most cases by creating a brand from scratch; with the interface adhered to the design and technical specifications produced for the web application. web design and development for Apple® Safari, Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Opera, Avant and Mozilla Firefox browsers. enquiries.

web development:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • jQuery mobile
  • responsive html
  • iOS & Andriod UI design
  • Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash web design templates
  • eNewsletter HTML templates

UI development:

  • illustration of brand elements;
  • development of concepts and style boards;
  • development of animated brand elements;
  • development of web design templates for web pages.
  • development of presentation mark-up languages such as html, xhtml and php;
  • development of css cascading style sheets;
  • development of jQuery and ajax interactions;
  • preparation of graphics for internet use;
  • develop integrated fully working UI based on the design to a high standard and precise specification.

UI accessibility audit:

  • assessment of current interface;
  • recommendations to improve current interface;
  • preparation of report containing current interface assessment,
  • recommendations and estimated effort for release to client.

UI design:

  • illustrating brand elements;
  • developing style boards in and/or incorporating photography, text, iconography and design assets;
  • designing web page templates;
  • developing animations;
  • developing interactive applications;
  • applying the principles of server-side development;
  • estimating the scale and complexity of design tasks and providing accurate effort estimates for the completion of tasks;

user interface development:

  • developing html, xhtml, php and css that is compliant with relevant standards;
  • ajax - interface development.
  • having a complete understanding of the web accessibility initiatives guidelines and checkpoints for developing accessible web content;
  • knowing browser agent capabilities including web browsers and handheld device browsers;
  • developing and de-bugging JavaScript functionality for dynamic presentation components and form validation; for cross browsing on Apple® Safari, Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Opera, Avant, Mozilla Firefox and Google™ environment.
  • applying the principles of server-side development in php and asp;
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